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January 2015

Dear Friends,

Hope this finds you doing well! It is a beautiful winter's day as I write this, which means one thing…spring is coming!

We hope you will grow a garden again this year and we hope we can grow some plants for your garden. My thought this year is to encourage everyone to try one new thing. This winter I have come to appreciate cabbage and rutabagas. Linda is the same way with Brussels sprouts. Not a big hit as a kid, but sprouts from the garden are one of her favorite vegetables. Our favorite new summer crop this past year was Aura pepper - loads of sweet, yellow peppers. In the world of flowers, we found that stocks made a great addition to our bouquets of zinnias. So, you never know. In life, if we try something new, sometimes it turns out to be something we will love. Continued...

What color is that flower?
We have added loads of information about each variety to the website. Click on the blue links below and you will go to an interactive version of each page of the plant order form. Once there, if you click on the blue links provided for each variety, it will take you right to a description of that variety. In most cases, there will be a picture there waiting for you!

JSS = Johnny’s Seeds   FED = Fedco   HMS = High Mowing   HAR = Harris Seeds  

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What about Seed Crop Failures?
Every year there are a couple of seed varieties that are completely unavailable because the item was a Seed Crop Failure. This usually only affects 2 or 3 of the nearly 200 varieties we grow each year. We usually get word from the seed companies about this well after we have mailed out the order forms. We will note those varieties on the website as soon as we find out. If you have already sent in an order form and a seed is not available for a crop that you ordered, we will gladly give you a corresponding credit to purchase something else from the "Extras Greenhouse" when you come for pickup, or happily refund you the money for that item. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Customer Satisfaction
We want you to be 100% satisfied! If you are not satisfied with any of your plants, we will happily refund your money or give you substitute plants from our greenhouses, whichever you choose.

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