Good Earth Farm
Pickup Hours:
May 26-29, 2017 9am to 5pm
January 2017

Dear Friends,

As we start off on a new year, we wish you the best! Enclosed is our 2017 Plant Order Form. We hope you will allow us to grow some plants for your garden this year.

There are 57 new varieties this year and a total of 300 varieties. 20% of the new crops came from your requests! We continue to grow all of our seedlings from seed sown here at our farm. The growing will take place in the wonderful compost-based potting soil from our friends at Ideal Compost. It is the secret to healthy plants! Our prices will remain the same again this year. Our six-pack price has been the same since 2012. We remain certified organic - our 31st year!

As is true every year, the world will be full of change this year. As life changes, the garden is a good place to go for creative energy and renewal. For me, I would lose my center if I did not garden. Being in the garden, at work with the earth and looking up at the sky, I feel calm and peaceful, ready for the changes the world has in store. We wish all of you a good drought-free year in your gardens and a strong and positive spirit.

Please visit our website - It is maintained by our good friends Steve and Jeanne. You will be able to view the order form and click on any variety and be immediately taken to the webpage of the seed company that sells that seed. There you will see a picture of that vegetable or flower and can read more about that variety. There is also a section called Dave and Linda's Thoughts, with gardening tips and explanations of the different varieties we grow. We appreciate all of the work that Steve and Jeanne put into the website and hope you will find it useful.

We have added a new seed company this year to our long time favorites (Johnny's, High Mowing, FEDCO and Harris). The new company is Hudson Valley Seeds. Their website is beautiful - Not only do they offer seeds (mostly heirlooms), they also sell art that is all about vegetables and flowers. The art is beautiful.

We will be open for plant pickup Memorial Day Weekend, Friday, May 26th through Monday, May 29th - from 9 am to 5 pm. If you cannot make it that weekend, please let us know and we will gladly hold your plants for you. Please send in your order form by February 28, if possible.

Also, enclosed you will find the Fall 2017 Vegetable Order Form. We will have root and storage crops ready for you to pick up the second weekend in October (October 14th and 15th).

Best wishes,

Dave and Linda