Good Earth Farm
May 28 - June 5
9:00am to 5pm
January 2021

Dear Friends,

Greetings! We hope you and your families are doing well. We look forward with hope to the New Year, for good health and well-being for all of us on planet earth.

We have heard from many of you this past summer and fall and appreciated knowing that you were doing well. Thank you for sharing pictures of your gardens. They are places that are a source of healthy food, beautiful flowers, and a restful place to work outdoors. It has been a year to count our blessings. Among our greatest blessings is to be able to work in our greenhouses and grow plants for you.

Enclosed is our Plant Order Form for 2021. As always, our plants will be grown in the wonderful compost-based potting soil from Ideal Compost Company that we have used for decades. We are grateful to Mike, Anna, and Isaac for their great work in making this wonderful potting soil. Our plants are certified organic – our 35th year. This year we have well over 300 varieties to offer you. Most of our seeds come from FEDCO, Johnny’s and High Mowing Seeds. They are great New England seed companies. About 70 varieties are either new crops or new varieties. We hope you will enjoy looking through the order form and trying something new this year.

On our website, you can click on a link for each variety on the plant order form, and it will take you directly to that seed at the seed company website. There you will see pictures of the crop and learn about the size, flavor, when it is ripe or in bloom, and all kinds of characteristics. Also, we have updated our Dave and Linda’s Thoughts section on the website with information about how to grow different crops and more details about each variety. We appreciate the work of Jeanne Wishengrad and Steve Wishengrad who maintain our website and keep it up to date each year.

We plan to follow the same COVID protocols that we used last year. We are only doing pre-orders and we will not have an extras greenhouse this year. (We just do not know where the world will be in late May). We will do curbside pickup again, with sign up options in 15-minute time periods. You can sign up on Calendly for a date and time, that works for you, to pick up your plants. We will be open for nine days from Friday, May 28th through Saturday, June 5th. Our link is: Our prices for 6-packs and 4" pots will remain the same as last year.

On the home front, our children are doing well. Ben is in grad school getting a master’s degree in teaching in California, and Emma is in college in Quebec. We hope you and yours are all doing well. We wish you the best and hope to see you in the spring!

Thank you,

Dave and Linda