Good Earth Farm
May 24-30, 2023
9:00am to 5pm

Welcome to the Good Earth Farm Plant Order for 2023!

We hope you will enjoy using our online store. Here are some helpful tips.

Please login and create yourself an account when you place your order. You can do that by clicking on the little head and shoulders profile on the top right of this page, or by clicking on the Sign Up! header at the top of this page.

Payment options: You can pay by credit card here at this storefront, or mail us a check, or pay at pickup with a check or cash. We are not set up to take credit cards at our farm in May. When you are done shopping and ready to confirm your order, a Payment Preference menu will appear. Credit cards are the default option. If you want to pay by check or cash, please click on the drop down menu and select payment by check or cash. 

                    Pickup options

We will do curbside pickup again this year.

Please pick a date that you want to come and pick up your plants. There will be a drop down menu of dates once you start shopping.

Please pick either morning or afternoon on your pickup date. We will have a limited number of slots in each day and time. This will allow us to keep a safe and healthy environment for everyone (and our parking lot can only handle so many people at one time!). You can choose your pickup time when you are ready to confirm your order. 

Pickup dates will be Wednesday, May 24 - Tuesday, May 30.

Local Food Marketplace. This storefront is maintained by Local Food Marketplace They are an experienced business that works with local farmers all over the country. They started 15 years ago in Oregon working with local farmers there and have been leaders in the field ever since. We are very grateful for their help.They are tremendous to work with. 

Questions? Please give us a call at:
(603) 529-2170 or by email to:

DeadlineWe will close the store on March 20th. Please place your order before then.

4" pots and 6 packs? Some crops are only available in either 4" pots or 6 packs. Other crops are available in both 6 packs and 4" pots. It you click on the item, it will show you the types of containers for that crop.

Plant varieties descriptions and photos. Almost all the varieties have a photo of that variety and a basic description of the crop. We hope this information will be helpful to you in selecting your plants. This year we have added links to specific page at the seed company website for each crop. You will be able to see more information about each crop there. Click where it says: "link here."

Multiple orders? You can place multiple orders and this site will collate your orders into one order for us to put together for you. If you decide to add something to your order, you can do that until March 20tth. Please use your original login account to make sure your orders stay together. Thank you!

Certified Organic. All our plants are certified organic, by the NH Department of Agriculture. 

What if an item is out of stock? We are limited by space as to how many plants we can grow. We grow all the plants here at the farm, and we start everything from seed ourselves. If an item you are interested is out of stock, we hope you will find a similar variety to substitute. We have over 280 varieties and hope that you will find good options.

Our online store will close on March 20th. If it is after March 20th and you missed making an order, you are welcome to shop in our "extras greenhouse." We will have a variety of plants available. The extras greenhouse will be open starting on Sunday, May 28th from 9 am to 5 pm.

Variety Descriptions and Photos

Dave and Linda's Thoughts

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January 2023

Dear Friends,

We hope you are doing well and looking forward to the new year! With all that is going on the world, Continued...

What about Seed Crop Failures?
Every year there are a couple of seed varieties that are completely unavailable because the item was a Seed Crop Failure. This usually only affects 2 or 3 of the 300 varieties we grow each year. We usually get word from the seed companies about this in late winter or early spring, which is occasionally after people have started to place orders. If you have already placed an order and a seed is not available for a crop that you ordered, we will let you know. We will gladly give you a corresponding credit to purchase something else on the storefront or refund you the money for that item, whichever you prefer. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Customer Satisfaction
We want you to be 100% satisfied! If you are not satisfied with any of your plants, we will happily refund your money or give you substitute plants from our greenhouses, whichever you choose.

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