Good Earth Farm
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May 25-28, 2018 9am to 5pm


TypeVariety/Seed Source/OrganicSix-packs only
Leeks, earlyKing Richard (August-September), JSS, OG______
Leeks, lateTadorna (September-November), HMS, OG______
Onions, CipolliniYellow Cipollini (flat, saucer-shaped), HMS, OG______
Onions, redCabernet (early red onion, good storage), JSS______
Onions, redRedwing (red, large, long storage), JSS, OG______
Onions, red NEWRed Long of Tropea (elongated summer cooking onion), JSS______
Onions, yellowAilsa Craig Exhibition (huge, mild, short storage, Heirloom), JSS______
Onions, yellowCortland (yellow, long storage), JSS, OG______
Onions, yellow Zoey (jumbo to colossal, mild, 3 month storage), JSS, OG______
Onions, yellow*Yankee* (yellow, disease resistant, long storage), JSS, OG______
ScallionsParade (early, white bottom, no bulbing), HMS, OG______
ShallotsConservor, HMS, OG______

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JSS = Johnny’s Seeds   FED = Fedco   HMS = High Mowing   HAR = Harris Seeds   HVS = Hudson Valley Seeds