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Vegetables A-Z

VegetableVariety/Seed Source/OrganicSix-packs4" pots
(NEW - New crop or variety this year. An asterisk (*) means the variety has resistance to one of the major plant diseases that affects that crop.), xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Beans, GreenProvider (2-3 plants/cell), FED, OG______xxxxxxx
Beans, Pole Beans Kentucky Wonder (2-3 plants/cell, Heirloom), HMS, OG______xxxxxxx
BeetsEarly Wonder Tall Top (early greens), FED, OG____________
BeetsRed Ace (best all-around beet), FED, OG____________
BeetsTouchstone Gold (golden beet), FED, OG____________
BroccoliBelstar (July/August harvest, good side shoots), JSS, OG____________
BroccoliFiesta (August harvest, heat tolerant, side shoots), HMS, OG____________
Broccoli Gypsy (July harvest, good side shoots), JSS____________
Broccoli NEWBay Meaows (August, heat tolerant, side shoots), FED, OG____________
Broccoli Heirloom NEWCalabrese (one head and abundant side shoots), FRU, OG____________
BroccoliniHappy Rich (florets like mini-heads of broccoli), JSS____________
Brussels SproutsNautic, HMS, OG____________
Cabbage, ChineseBilko (Napa type, large), HMS, OG____________
Cabbage, mixFarao (small, early, green), JSS, OG
Ruby Perfection (large, red, late), JSS
Cabbage, Savoy NEWDeadon (magenta/green, sweet), JSS, OG____________
Cabbage, storageImpala (large, green, late), HMS, OG____________
Cauliflower NEWMardi (white head), JSS, OG____________
Cauliflower NEWVeronica (Romanesco, spirals, lime-green), JSS, OG____________
CeleriacMars, JSS, OG____________
CeleryTango, JSS, OG____________
CollardsChampion, HMS, OG____________
Corn NEWAllure (bi-color, tended, early August), HMS, OG______xxxxxxx
Corn, Ornamental NEWGlass Gem (translucent colors, early August), FRU, OG______xxxxxxx
CucumberSuyo Long (Asian, 15" long, bitter-free), JSS, OG____________
Cucumber NEWMexican Sour Gherkin (salsa, pickles, stir fry), FED____________
Cucumber NEWSuyo Long (Asian, 15" long, bitter-free), JSS, OG____________
Cucumber*Diva (tender & bitter-free, high yield, AAS), JSS____________
Cucumber*Marketmore 76 (slicing), HMS, OG____________
Cucumber*Silver Slicer (white, tender, crisp, non-bitter), FED, OG____________
Cucumber, pickling NEWCool Customer (blocky, crunchy, long season), JSS, OG____________
Eggplant NEWDiamond (clusters of slender 7” fruit), FED, OG____________
Eggplant, AsianPingtung Long (magenta, 12), HMS, heirloom, OG____________
Eggplant, ItalianNadia (dark purple large fruits, 9” long), JSS____________
Kale, FallRainbow Lacinato (cold hardy), FED, OG____________
Kale, FallWhite Russian (sweet, productive, frost-hardy), FED, OG____________
Kale, HeirloomLacinato (aka Toscano or Dinosaur), HMS, heirloom, OG____________
Kale, HeirloomRed Russian (tender, sweet, Heirloom), FED, heirloom, OG____________
Kale, WinterDarkibor (medium green, all season), JSS, OG____________
Kale, WinterDwarf Green Curled (good flavor), HMS, OG____________
Kale, WinterWinterbor (blue-green, withstands cold), JSS____________
Kale, Winter NEWRedbor (purple-red, curly, cold weather), HMS, OG____________
Kohlrabi NEWAzur Star (purple, sweet, early harvest), JSS, OG____________
Lettuce, Butterhead mixNancy (green), JSS, OG
Red Cross(red), JSS OG
Lettuce, Cut and Come Again mixIlema (green, NEW), JSS, OG
Lollo di Vino(red), FED, OG
Lettuce, Leaf mixTropicana (green), JSS, OG
New Red Fire (red), JSS OG
Lettuce, Oakleaf mixSalad Bowl (green), FED, OG
Red Saladbowl (red), FED,OG
Lettuce, Romaine mixOlga (green, NEW), FED, OG
Better Devil(red), FED, OG, NEW
Lettuce, Summer Crisp mixConcept (green, NEW), FED, OG
Cardinale (red, NEW), FED, OG,
OkraClemson Spineless, HMS, OG____________
Pac Choy Prize Choy, FED, OG____________
Peppers, BananaGoddess (pickling or fresh, 9" long), JSS____________
Peppers, BellLady Bell (high yield, turns red), FED____________
Peppers, BellNew Ace (early & dependable, turns red), FED____________
Peppers, BellSweet Chocolate (dark red color), HMS, OG____________
Peppers, BellYankee Bell (bred for the north, turns red), JSS, OG____________
Peppers, CubanelleCubanelle (6” sweet frying, turns red), FED____________
Peppers, HotAncho Poblano (mild, stuffing), HMS, OG____________
Peppers, HotEarly Jalapeno (early, salsa), JSS, OG____________
Peppers, HotHabanero (super-hot! 2” peppers, orange), JSS, OG____________
Peppers, HotHungarian Hot Wax (frying, roasting), JSS, OG____________
Peppers, HotRed Rocket (Cayenne Chiles, drying), JSS, OG____________
Peppers, HotTriunfo (larger Jalapeno, thick wall, high yield), HMS, OG____________
Peppers, Hot NEWHidalgo Serrano (salsa, pickling, sauce), FED, OG____________
Peppers, ShishitoShishito (Japanese pepper, roast or grill), HMS, OGxxxxxxx______
Peppers, Sweet RedCarmen (bull's horn shape, 6), JSS, OG____________
Peppers, Sweet Red NEWMountaineer (tapered, 4-5), FRU, OG____________
Peppers, Sweet YellowAura (tapered, 4-5” long, our favorite), JSS, OG____________
Peppers, Sweet YellowEscamillo (6” bull’s horn, AAS winner), JSS, OG____________
Radish NEWRound Black Spanish (hot, white inside, storage), FED____________
Rutabagas NEWJoan (great roasted or w/mashed potatoes), HMS, OG____________
Spinach NEWAcadia (savoyed-leaf, slow-bolting), JSS, OG____________
Summer SquashSmooth Operator (long, slim fruit), HMS, OG____________
Summer SquashY-Star (yellow Patty Pan, harvest all summer), JSS, OG____________
Summer SquashYellow Crookneck (buttery flavor), HMS, OG____________
Sweet Potato NEWBeauregard (red-orange, grown from slips into 4” pots), JSSxxxxxxx______
Swiss Chard NEWImproved Rainbow Blend, HMS, OG____________
Zucchini, HeirloomCostata Romanesco (best flavor, Heirloom), FED, OG____________
Zucchini, Yellow*NEWYellow Fin (golden-yellow), JSS, OG____________
Zucchini*Green Machine (high yield, straight fruit), JSS, OG____________

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JSS = Johnny’s Seeds   FED = Fedco   FRU = Fruition Seeds HMS = High Mowing   HAR = Harris Seeds   HVS = Hudson Valley Seeds