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TypeVariety/Seed Source/OrganicSix-packs4" pots
(NEW - New crop or variety this year. An asterisk (*) means the variety has resistance to one of the major plant diseases that affects that crop.), xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Cherry, BlackBlack Cherry (Ind.), FED, OG____________
Cherry, GoldSun Gold (Ind.), JSS____________
Cherry, Pink NEWPink Tiger (pink w/ yellow striping, elongated), JSS, OG____________
Cherry, RedTomatoberry Garden (Ind., strawberry-shaped fruits, soft skin, meaty and sweet, high yielding), JSSxxxxxxx______
Cherry, Red NEWCherry Falls (for containers, loads of red cherries), HARxxxxxxx______
Cherry, Red*Jasper (Ind, delicious and plentiful, early and late blight resistant), JSS, OGxxxxxxx______
Cherry, RedPeacevine (Ind.), FED, OG____________
Cherry, YellowEsterina (Ind, flavor, crack-resistant), JSS, OG____________
Cluster, OrangeJaune Flamme (Ind., French heirloom, salad or sauce, heavy yielding,delivious), HMS, heirloom, OG____________
Cluster, Red*Juliet (Ind, salad or sauce, starts early, long harvest, tolerant to early and late blight), FED____________
EarlyNew Girl (Ind, first medium size to ripen), JSS, OG____________
Early & HeirloomMoskvich (Semi-det, medium size), JSS, OG____________
Grape*Honey Bunch Red Grape (Ind, good size, high yield, tolerant to early blight), FED____________
HeirloomBrandywine (Ind, very large, pink skin, red inside is ), JSS, OG____________
HeirloomCherokee Purple (lInd. w/ short vines, large, multicolor, winey flavor), FED, OG____________
HeirloomGerman Johnson (Ind., large pink fruit), JSS, OG____________
HeirloomPruden's Purple (very large, Brandywine type, but much earlier), FED, OG____________
HeirloomStriped German (Ind., large, marbled inside, bicolor red & yellow, fruity flavor), JSS, OG____________
Main Season NEWBolseno (Ind., Italian bred for flavor, red slicing), JSSxxxxxxx______
Main Season NEWPink Berkeley Tie Dye (best new tomato according to catalogs, pink w/yellow stripes, early ripening), JSS, OG____________
Main Season* NEWDamsel (Ind., large, late blight resistant), JSS, OGxxxxxxx______
Main Season*Defiant PhR (Det., early and late blight resistant), JSS, OGxxxxxxx______
Main SeasonBig Beef (Ind, large fruit, good taste, hi-yield), JSS____________
Main SeasonCelebrity (Det, reliable, medium-large), JSS____________
Main SeasonChef's Choice Orange (Ind, orange beefsteak), JSS____________
Main SeasonCosmonaut Volkov (Ind., Ukrainian heirloom, red, large, great taste), FED, OG____________
Main SeasonGreen Zebra (Ind., green w/ yellow stripes, sweet), HMS, OG____________
Main SeasonJet Star (reliable, high yield), FED____________
Main SeasonMartha Washington (Ind., large pink fruit, reliable plants, tastes like an heirloom), JSS, OGxxxxxxx______
Paste & HeirloomAmish Paste (Ind., late, large, chosen for Slow Foods Ark of Taste), JSS, OG____________
Paste & HeirloomGrandma Mary's (early, large), FED, OG____________
Paste & Heirloom NEWMama Leone (Ind., loads of fruit, few seeds), HVS____________
Paste* Monica (Det., early blight resistant, heavy yield), JSS, OG____________
PasteSan Marzano (Ind., renowned Italian plum), HMS, OG____________

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JSS = Johnny’s Seeds   FED = Fedco   HMS = High Mowing   HAR = Harris Seeds   HVS = Hudson Valley Seeds