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May 28 - June 5
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HerbVariety/Seed Source/Organic/ HB = Good for Hanging Baskets, Containers, and Planter BoxesSix-packs4" pots
(NEW - New crop or variety this year. An asterisk (*) means the variety has resistance to one of the major plant diseases that affects that crop.), xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Anise HyssopAnise Hyssop (licorice, bee plant), FED, OG____________
Arugula, SaladArugula (flat leaves, peppery flavor), FED, OG____________
Arugula, WildSylvetta (lobed leaves, spicy flavor), HMS, OG____________
AshwagandhaAshwagandha, FED, OG____________
Basil, ContainerGreek (mini-leaves, 8 rounded bush), HMS, OGxxxxxxx______
Basil, Green*Aroma 2* (classic Genovese basil ), JSS, OG____________
Basil, HolySacred, HMS, OG____________
Basil, Lemon NEWSweet Dani (vigorous plant, AAS), FED, OG____________
Basil, PurpleRed Rubin, JSS, OG____________
Basil, Thai NEWFlowering Thai, FED, OG____________
BorageBorage, JSS, OGxxxxxxx______
CatnipCatnip, HMS, OG____________
Chamomile Zloty Lan German (golden flowers), FED, OG____________
Chives NEWNelly, FED, OG____________
CilantroLeisure, JSS, OG____________
Dill, leaf NEWThalia (slow bolting), JSS, OG____________
Dill, seed Bouquet (large seed heads), FED, OG____________
FennelPerfection, FED, OG____________
Garlic Chives NEWGarlic Chives, HMS, OG____________
HorehoundHorehound (perennial), FED____________
Lavender NEWHidcote Blue, HARxxxxxxx______
Lemon BalmLemon Balm, HMS, OG____________
Lemon GrassLemon Grass, FEDxxxxxxx______
Lemon MintLemon Mint (annual), FED____________
MarjoramSweet Marjoram, JSS, OG____________
Mexican Mint MarigoldMexican Mint Marigold (tarragon substitute), JSS____________
Mint NEWMint (Mentha spp.-- multiple species), HVS____________
OreganoGreek Oregano, JSSxxxxxxx______
Parsley, CurlyKrausa (sweet & crunchy), FED, OG____________
Parsley, FlatGiant of Italy (vigorous & flavorful), FED, H, OG____________
RosemaryRosemary, FED, OGxxxxxxx______
SageCommon Sage, JSS, OG____________
Savory Summer Savory, HMS, OG____________
Shiso NEWBritton (green w/red undersides), JSS____________
SorrelSorrel, HMS, OG____________
SteviaStevia, JSS, OGxxxxxxx______
ThymeThyme, HMS, OG____________

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JSS = Johnnys Seeds   FED = Fedco   FRU = Fruition Seeds HMS = High Mowing   HAR = Harris Seeds   HVS = Hudson Valley Seeds